Tuesday, February 1, 2011


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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I think the bathroom at work is haunted -only one of them, not all three of them, mind you.

The thought occurred to me after I was happily minding my own business (no pun intended) and I heard the distinct noise of someone opening the bathroom door and then opening the door to one of the stalls. Now, I know I was alone in there before because I diligently poked at all the stall doors when I came in to check if they were locked. (I only do this because someone pointed out that bending over to check for feet peeking under the doors was stupid and unneeded exercise or something. I do still indulge in some stall peeking every now and then when I'm alone.) So I go ahead and think nothing of this until I start washing my hands and realize... I am still alone in the bathroom. I peeked. I poked at the doors. Empty.

A person less experienced in horror movie watching and creepypasta reading might just assume it was the noises from the men's room next door carrying over the insufferably thin plaster wall that divides both lavatories. (I know, it's unsettling in many levels.) But alas, that would be no fun at all. I'd rather believe the entire bathroom is haunted by some poor tortured soul doomed to haunt bathroom stalls for all eternity.

Today, again, something strange was going on in there. See? There were various items on the counter next to the sinks -a thermos, a coffee mug in the ugliest shade of yellow I have ever encountered- but the bathroom was empty. I peeked. As I was washing my hands in the stillness and quiet I peeked again and was almost discovered by an actual living person that happened to walk in. As I was leaving I peeked again, thinking: "Surely someone is up to no good in here and is keeping veeeery quiet so I won't know they're in here". Nothing. Again, I was almost discovered by someone coming into the bathroom, but I gracefully pretended to adjust my leggings and hurried out.

I'm thinking having a séance in the bathroom would ring some alarms bells and get me fired or committed, but what if I'm right? Then someone will have a paranormal experience while sitting on the toilet and have to run out with their pants around their ankles, and possibly some toilet paper stuck to the soles of their shoes for added embarrassment. That is just selfish.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hunger in the Throat - I've been doing it wrong!

I came by this article today by complete and utter chance and, although I do find the concepts described in the original article hard to accept, I was more amused by the comment threads.

First of all, yes that is the actual phrase used by this Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD to describe real hunger. So if you ever felt hunger any place that is not the throat then too bad, you're just a good old fatty like moi. See? Real hunger is felt in the throat, not the stomach. What most people feel is Toxic Hunger, and if you want to read about "specifics" of it I suggest you hit the article because I don't feel like paraphrasing. All in all, it's a dubious but harmless article, just like the many thousands I have read in my quest to better eating/dieting and then summarily forgot about them.

Then I read the comments. The first ten or so are, quite understandably, people voicing their concern about this "Toxic hunger" and how it seems like this is just the Doctor's way of selling his books by being featured in a blog about nutrition.Then Elijah Lynn shows up, showing such entuthiastic support of Fhurman's doctrine that I initally figured he was the man himself. My suspicion wasn't helped by the fact that after Elijah Lynn took the time to personally refute any dissent expressed by other commenters ("I am 27 now and only feel hunger in my throat, true hunger!") Fhurman himself shows up to back up his original post.

I will be honest now and admitt that I did not read the massive wall of teal deer the Dr. posted, but it was only because I was immediately distracted by the next few comments. My guess is after Dr. Fhurman saw that his ideas where getting shot down, he went back to his blog and alerted his minions of this because, after his comment, all there is left is comment after comment of people praising him and his books.

This guys already sounds shady enough ("True, I coined the term “toxic hunger” to describe this phenomenon, just as I coined the word, “nutritarian” to describe the diet-style I recommend.") and a little full of himself, but the outpour of comments from his followers starts looking a bit cultish. Why does this guy need so much validation? Why does he NEED to prove that his books are the real thing, you just have to buy them to find out? And what about his followers? Why must they convince every last person in the universe that hunger, you're doing it wrong? If you are certain of yourself, you just go "Meh, they won't experience the joy of being a Nutritarian, sucks for them" and go along your merry way, right?

His website is precious, though.